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Paonia presentation 6/25/17… ‘Opening the Black Box’

National News:

Week ahead: Congress continues focus on drug prices, surprise billing.   … Modern Healthcare, May 18.2019

Why US Health Care Costs Defy Common Sense. CNN opinion by  Elisabeth Rosenthal

Drugmaker created to Reduce shoretages and prices unveils it’s first products.  …  NPR  May 15, 2019

State News:

8 ways Colorado lawmakers want to make health care cheaper. Denver Post.  … Denver Post April 6, 2019

Colorado Health Institute comparison chart on Health Care Plans (updated 6.23.17)

Colorado budget cuts rural hospitals (The Denver Post).

High risk pools been there done. (CO Health Initiative). 

Recommended reading (and viewing):

AN AMERICAN SICKNESS: How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take It Back.  by Elisabeth Rosenthal

Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal: Getting Big Business out of Health Care. (Commonwealth Club presentation April 24, 2017)